Clarification about the service

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We provide a service of spiritual help that involves elucidation, guidance and counseling for the awakening of consciousness, not only a mere provision of horoscope.

We’ll receive your confidences while trying to guide and raise awareness of consciousness of the individuality, indicating solutions. So, we put ourselves in the condition of Helpers. We try to talk, encouraging the individual to explore his inner self, seek - through the mind - his feelings, that composes himself, the Spirit. In this effort, the person will open her mind and, naturally, will understand herself better. Therefore, when the person receives her Horoscope, she’ll not reject it for finding out many hurtful things that was, unwittingly, buried inside. In order for that to happen, it takes real willingness and intention in knowing oneself and not a mere curiosity or search for phenomenons. For that, the person must be willing to talk about herself to someone she doesn’t know.

So, if you’re only trying to obtain your horoscope, you’ll not get it through our service. But, if you’re looking for help, even if it is only to obtain self knowledge, then it is necessary to talk, and only then, after much introspection to really know oneself, the help needed will be choose the attendant in “Contacts”!

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