Contacting the Attendants

Have you read the main page?

There have been many problems caused by the lack of careful reading of those seeking help. Therefore, read everything carefully, because without the declaration and birth data it will not be possible to obtain the service!

INTERNET IS NOT LAND WITHOUT LAW! All that is valid in society also applies here.

Read the page with the clarifications about our service so you don’t ask for something Your message must be identified by your name or full name. We do not communicate by.


IMPORTANT: Whatever may be the reason you write to us, you must inform your birth data (date, time, location - city/state/country). You do not need to inform the hospital or maternity, names of relatives or place of residence! Those data is not to obtain the horoscope, but to individualize the person, for we know her for their records of birth, not her name.


ATTENTION, in order to obtain service, it is MANDATORY that you should declare at the beginning of your message, before begin to write about your problems, writing - not copying and pasting: “I will limit myself to expose the facts of my interest, ask questions and will not allow myself to put any kind of personal impression about the service to the attendants, and I’m aware that if I disobey this declaration, I’ll have my communication suspended”. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD OF THE TEXT. This is the Declaration, not the mere explanation of your problems. The registration will only occur after the declaration. You do not need to write it in every message, but only in the first.

There's no obligation for you to write for us nor there is an obligation of being pleasant when dealing with the spiritual truth and MOST important: do never take the messenger as the e'll not answer to messages that are not within a reasonable pattern of politeness.

You must ask for yourself only. We don't attend other people that are capable of asking for themselves. In your report, you may refer to other people, but we ask that you do not use names, but titles such as: boyfriend, spouse, son/daughter, friend...

We don't to anything that may offend the free-will of each individual.

In case of incapables, it will be our decision to attend or not the request of the one who is writing regarding to that person.


IMPORTANT: without the declaration or informing the data of birth it will not be possible to obtain any answers, because the Invisible Helpers will only acknowledge the message after the writer has been properly registered in our service.

We are not fortune tellers. We don't practice the evil by interfering in other's lives.

The messages are answered by the Invisible Helpers, but only the attendant has fingers to type. The attendant can't get involved in other's people existance, because she has her own to take care of so DON'T address the attendant, but the Helpers.


To contact the Invisible Helpers through Paula Camila, write to: