It's very important that you read EVERYTHING with much attention.

Dear friend, as you consult us be prepared to read the truth, which may not be pleasant and, sometimes, can even be painful. Even though we may ponder about what you've written, it is not in our place to sentence or to condemn you. That is your decision only. Therefore, do not accuse us of judging you, nor defend yourself claiming you're imperfect or not perfect. Our service is not for comfort or consolation, but for awakening and elucidation.

To heal a wound, first, you have to clean it. And for that, it is necessary to remove all the dirt, nonviable tissue and foreign body. Only then you can apply the medicine that will help it cicatrize. In more than 17 year of service - 14 of them online - only in a few cases we have dealt with unpleasant reactions from people who was offended - as if we had any interest in offend anyone -, acting like a patient that curses the nurse that treats his wounds.

Furthermore, know that the attendants do not keep memory of any message or its subject. All the messages are answered by the Invisible Helpers, but only the attendants have fingers to type and they can’t nor mustn’t get involved with others existences. Remember that we don’t seek others. It is you that come to us. You have the power to contact or stop communicating with us by not writing anymore.

None of the attendants will write to someone without prior contact.

Do not use the attendants’ emails to forward others e-mails! SPAM is very prejudicial for our service! As you may wish to receive an answer as quick as possible, you must allow others to be answered as quickly as well. By sending SPAM, you flood our mailboxes and delay the answers. Whomever do that will have their electronic address blocked, therefore, any message sent will be automatically redirected to spam folder and totally ignored.

Whenever someone is surrounded by the darkness of their problems, it is very hard to think of a solution.

Even the ones that wish to evolve need someone to give them options and show the path to follow, as it may still be occult. The spiritual help is given by the Invisible Helpers throughout the visible attendants - the ones who have emails and can type. The Invisible Helpers may elucidate, counsel and guide. A free birth chart may be provided if - AND ONLY IF - there is a continuous communication. This chart will only be provided when appropriate and if the consultant is able to understand it fully and if it will be used to obtain self-knowledge. To elaborate this chart it takes time and, as you may see in other websites, it is paid for and expensive. When you write to us, try to narrate your problems with details and always use your real name - as all the attendants do. You do not need to provide your full name.

ATTENTION: We’ve been online for more than 15 years in Brazil and we use the expression “Spiritual Help” (Ajuda Espiritual) in the sense that we elucidate, guide and counsel in order to awake the conscious of the ones seeking our help. However, nowadays, we’ve been seeing this expression used for bewitchments against or in favor of others. So, we must aware you that we do not provide such services that offend free-will, the biggest gift we’ve been given by God and we can not relieve others test, atonements and learning, such as financial problems and unemployment. We can only try to show the one who seek us how to differ illusion from reality.

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