We can classify the zodiac signs into four elements: water, air, earth and fire. There is, also, a further subdivision by the type of behavior, which is: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Cardinal is the one which initiates action, Fixed is the one which stabilized what has been accomplished and Mutable is the one that alters whatever has been stabilized.

Therefore, we have: Aries - Cardinal Fire; Taurus - Fixed earth; Gemini - Mutable air; Cancer - Cardinal Water; Lion - Fixed fire; Virgo - Mutable earth; Libra - Cardinal air; Scorpio - Fixed water; Sagittarius - Mutable fire; Capricorn - Cardinal earth; Aquarius - Fixed air; and Pisces - Mutable water.

In every human being born on this planet, there is a gradation of these elements, which one may notice in his own behavior when facing events or in their relationships.

Nevertheless, the intention here is not to analyse each one of the features, but to give the reader a vision and a practical application of this little knowledge in their day-to-day, especially when it comes to his relationships with others and, fundamentally, with the one you seek to have a closer union with or with those whom you share your everyday life.

If you meditate using your own element as a substitute for yourself, you will have an improved capacity of self-analysis. For example, you can imagine yourself like the water: fluid, calm or agitated, fast or slow. You’re able to assist the generation of new lives not by your actions but by your presence that carries nutrients. However, your presence is also destructive. It is destructive when it increases its speed, when it does not respect boundaries or when it precipitates after being in the high condition of steam. Meditate about your needs: you need the air, otherwise, you will stagnate. Halt, means peace, but within, it must have an active life. The limits imposed by the earth are beneficial when you’re in contact with it. The heat of the solar fire makes you ascend to commute with higher thinking, making you become part of the air itself, gliding along with its movement, in the form of clouds. That is the real feeling of freedom when put in this high position. None the less, while seeking for freedom in your most dense form, you’re taken to destructive speed – sometimes beautiful, but always causing damages as you go. Now, think about your relationship with other elements: the earth my beneficiate from your presence if it is done without agitation. Dosed, humidifying the earth and making it productive. Along with the fire, you receive the benefits of warmth, giving it opportunities of elevation, of becoming the highest form of thought. But you must be limited, otherwise you will destroy it. The air keeps you alive, healthy, as longs as it penetrates you naturally. If that happens discomposedly, it will make you revolve impurities that were decanted and will make you blurred with past facts, which should have been abandoned along the way, leaving only the knowledge of what was learnt.

And with an equal, you will merge without impacts: by helping, by creating something bigger, but not in a fast reunion, harming those who are near.


Air, the highest form of thought, ethereal, looking at everyone else from the above, but also penetrating the intimate of all. You’re necessary for the existence of everything. Not the executor of any activity, but the inspiration of life. With no limits to idealize, but with no capacity to execute. The air is necessary to all, but its presence is not perceived, unless it moves – not by his own action, but by the current situation, by the difference of pressure, by its concentration or rarefaction. In earth, by sanding it, it is beneficial to her, allowing its capacity of more efficient production. Nevertheless, its velocity will cause erosion, pulling its products, killing its reason of being. With fire, it tends to make it shine, giving it more life. Its presence is the fire’s existence, but if fast it will extinguish it, exterminating its presence in a radical way. In water, it will vivify it, but if united with it in an uncontrolled way, agitating it, making it loaded, dirty, heavy. With its equal, co-exists without changes. If agitated will turn into a cyclone that destroys whatever is in its way.


Earth, stopped, annoyed, practical, dense. Your freedom is to produce. It is the transformation of rottenness into life. It receives the tailings and gives back the food. But it does not have the capacity of movement of the others. It does not shine, but it is the foundation of everything and it needs the others for action – water, air and fire – utilizing them for the most noble of all actions: the birth of new lives. It is the mother, the generator, the one that makes. Do not ask it to move, because it will only move if it has a need to accommodate again. And when that happens, it stirs everyone, causing terror. The air penetrates it and its absence will stiffens it, making you unproductive, but it does not make any harm. If it gets loaded of dust, it is only because of its own speed, but his products will purify it. The water humidify you and makes you produce. But, in excess, it will destroy your firmness, making you become unproductive, but it only makes you dirty if it becomes fast. It tends, nonetheless to purify you, filtering it and giving you a path to follow. The sun fire will warm you, if excessive, artificial or uncontrolled it will resect you. You don’t do no harm to others, only wants to produce, but, when facing others is misunderstood, they are fast, rejoice with freedom, but you aim the work, the being, the dynamic inertia.


And fire, you’re the last on purpose. I know that, by doing that, I disturbed your pride, your will to shine, or even better – your pleasure in shining. You consider yourself the strongest among all the elements because of your destructive power. However, you’re the most fragile, the one who can be exterminated. Your action may be the most beneficial to all, as long as it is dosed, which is done by limiting yourself. Your warmth must be given with generosity, making the earth produce, the water elevate and the air move and go up. The heat of the solar fire is very much necessary for the earth to produce, but, when excessive, it will resect it, by pouring onto her, it will destroy its reason for being, its production. But it will come the moment when it will extinguish for not having anything else to destroy. The air warms and moves, but it is necessary for your life, if it is thrown against you violently, it will extinguish you and if you lack the air, you will be extinguished as well. The presence of water, your greatest enemy, means your extinguish. But if it is restrained, limited, you will warm you and transform into its eighted form. However, if it precipitates, it tends to be the most efficient weapon to extinguish you.


So, observe that the comprehension of your role in life, in this existance, may be evaluated by the analysis of the elements. The biggest mistake is made whe trying to transform the one to whom we dedicate ourselves because they have their roles as well, and we all need each other. It is the balance that makes the relationship perfect.

Sometimes due to an auto-limitation or by the imposition of a responsible and balance life; or the recognition that do the good is the real freedom. By meditating about what has been said here, for sure, you will see that certain patterns that are transmitted by our society is ridiculous! And I hope that you can see the other as he is and not as you wish he was.