Free and Complete Birth Chart

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We do not sell Horoscopes!

The horoscope is only provided when useful, after much dialogue, because it is a tool that allows one to know themselves better and it is not for predictions nor divinations.

We do not make predictions nor sinastry!

We won’t interpret a third person’s horoscope, nor will send it to someone else’s address, even if it is a relative, unless is a parent asking for a 7- son. Even then, the horoscope will be concise and directed to the parents, as we’ll send the characteristics of the solar sign and a Max Heindel’s text, in order to help you raising your children.

Obs. In case of situations not mentioned here, they’ll be evaluated according to what has been.


What’s a Horoscope?

It’s the study of the sky, calculated considering Astronomy’s rules or principles, of the moment of the individual’s birth. It will show the positions of the stars and zodiac signed compared to the earth. The positions change constantly, so, the influence of the stars on earth.

For example, if you decided to make a map of the sky for a children now, the configurations of this map would only repeat in 26.000 years, a period names by the astronomers “The Great Sidereal Year”. That’s why it is important to know the exacts date, Astrologically, the birth occurs when the child gives its first wail or scream, which is the sign of his first breath. Then, the ar, loaded with its subtle stars influences that prevails, enter his lungs, through his blood and will circulate through the sensitive child’s body, printing in each atom its vibration. That’s whats called “baptism star”. This first impression will prevail for his whole life, like a scar on the skin, even though the atoms are replaced many, many times.

Therefore, the stellar radiation of the moment of the child’s birth will influence greatly during his whole physical life, like impelling forces. It is through this information that we can learn about the decisions, fragilities, potentialities that the spirit will bring to this physical life.

Nothing is by chance and there’s no such thing as coincidences.

Each one of the 12 houses will reflect a piece or department of our pilgrimage on Earth, from cradle to grave. Each one of them contain the seed and soul of the lessons we must learn.

On the right time, it will appear to us as a challenge, giving us the opportunity to prove that we’ve learned or not the corrections and warnings, to live in harmony with this piece of our lives.

In the right moment we’ll reap, by each house, what we sow in past lives. The sun will travel 30 degrees in one month, which represents 1/12 of a circle, we conclude that that’s the longitude of each solar sign.


            “He who scans the sky, only to save his own soul,

            May keep the Act and Rules, but will not reach its goal.

            He who walks in Love may make mistakes sometimes,

            But the Lord will conduct him to the land of Blessed”

(Verses of a Anonymous Poet)



It’s very easy to read and repeat, like a parrot, but the astrology need that the understanding and thinking are used to investigate, letting our depth conducts us to a original deduction. Only then we’ll be able to reach a interpretation that is adequate of the stellar.

Nobody can teach how to READ one horoscope, we can only teach the right, defined and preachy rules, but safe to make the map. Therefore, it is up to each intuition to put himself or not in the position of other’s lives. That intuition is a God’s given gift and can not be used to obtain money by no one, because it would lead the person to be stimulated by the evil, flattery, intrigue or contempt, to mislead people in their earthly struggle.

The use of this Gift has been given graciously to all, as Christ extended beyond the so-called "chosen people" his doctrine of Love, having been paid with the cross-shaped wood.